Fine Art by Josh

  I'm Josh La Benne. Thank you for visiting my site. 

 I am often asked how I got started in the art profession, what drives me to paint or sculpt the subjects that I choose.

 It was my father, (Jonathan "the Bear Man") that first introduced me to the arts and taught me most of what I know about carving and much more.  Working along side him gave me some experience and opportunities in the art world.  After having a taste of the results of pushing my imagination, creativity and skills to the next level I could not really see myself in any other profession.  It was like an engine was started that can not be turned off. I can't not paint! I can't not sculpt! So I enrolled in workshops and classes at the Scottsdale Artists School as well as several others. I wanted to push my art to the next level, and the next,  and hopefully will continue to do just that. 

As for picking my subjects, I am looking for interesting shapes and colors to experiment with.  I paint and sculpt subjects that I enjoy to study the most.. This gives me an excuse to get out and experience what I am trying to capture. That is what I want my customers to take away, not just a pretty picture, but an experience of God's creation.

Though I prefer to spend the majority of my time with my wife, Natasha, and two boys, Isaac and Oliver in the mountains around our home, we do a lot of traveling for shows and onsite jobs. So enjoy looking around the site, be sure to check our events page and maybe we'll see you on the road!

The Artist