Fine Art by Josh

Josh LaBenne started working in the arts at the age of thirteen when he began helping his
father Jonathan the Bear Man in the family business. Jonathan taught him most of what he
knows about sculpting and provided valuable experience and opportunities in the art world.
This early start cultivated a love of art and learning that continues today.

In 2009, Josh had a week off and picked up some painting supplies and decided to try oil
painting. It became his passion and the main focus of his time. His first painting sold in 2010,
and his business started picking up. Shortly after that he enrolled in art classes and workshops
at Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona. He also participated in shows including the Artists
School Best and Brightest, the Mountain Oyster Club, the Southwest Art Magazine’s Artistic
Excellence and was included in the 2020 CM Russell Museums exhibition and sale. 

Josh lives in Wyoming with his wife, Tasha and their three kids. He spends as much time as he can in the mountains photographing wildlife, fishing and enjoying creation.

The Artist